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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Experts

Robert Mank Tree Care Services is your tree pruning specialist in Wollongong, Shellharbour and Dapto. Our qualified arborist, Nathan, can take care of all your needs, offering his expertise for residential and commercial gardens.

Pruning is the key to healthy trees. Cutting away diseased foliage and dead branches is an essential aspect of good tree care.

Trees can also be pruned to thin out dense foliage. Thriving gardens need the sun and this kind of pruning allows sunlight through to neighbouring plants. It will also shed more light on areas of your property that might otherwise suffer from mould or mildew.

Judicious pruning can take care of low-hanging branches that intrude on driveways, walkways, windows and doors. This way you can enjoy the shade but not have your access impeded.

Pruning will also help with branches that threaten to interfere with power lines, or that all too readily fill your gutters with leaves.

Nathan is an experienced expert in the trade—definitely the helping hand you want in your corner when it comes to managing the health of your trees.


Pruning by our qualified arborist is done with care, so as not to leave trees vulnerable to disease and pests.

At Robert Mank Tree Care Services, our work is completed in line with industry best practices and complies with Australian Standards AS4373.

We can take care
of all your pruning needs

Crown Lifting

Will help shape the tree, not diminishing its ability to provide shade but allowing the space beneath its canopy to be better utilised. Crown Lifting removes lower branches and encourages the tree to grow in a pleasing way.


Pruning unsightly dead wood is done for the sake of the tree’s health. Dead branches are also a threat to people and property with storms and high winds potentially causing them to snap off. Our arborists are experienced high climbers who know how to safely remove even hard-to-reach dead branches.

Formative Pruning

Our arborists can help shape the development of young trees by assisting with forming of the crown. We help extend a young tree’s trunk and guide its structural branches to prevent structural weakness by removing crossed branches, first order lateral branches, or those with bark inclusions.

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