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Is Tree Removal the Best Option?

Within our team we have Nathan who is a level 3 and level 5 qualified arborist. He can provide you with not only the expertise but also the advice you need to make the right decisions.

Some patience and TLC might well be the order of the day. Our honest tree care advice will consider your trees’ life expectancy and any concerns for the health of surrounding vegetation. If removal is the best option, it will be done with total professionalism. Diseased material will be removed from your property completely.

Where the health of other plants is not a concern, stump grinding can be done to remove an eyesore from your yard before it becomes a problem itself. The space the stump once occupied will be freed for you to reuse

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Signs That A Tree May Need To Be Removed

It can be difficult for homeowners and landowners in Illawarra to determine whether or not a tree on their property needs to be removed. The top signs that suggest your tree may need to be removed include:

  • Damage or decay

A tree that is decaying or has been clearly damaged is not only an eye-sore, it can be a significant health and safety risk. Decaying or damaged trees are usually unstable and may fall unexpectedly, making removal a safer option.

  • Pests

A pest infestation, such as an infestation of bugs, can be a sign that a tree is rotting and needs to be removed. Allowing pests to live in a tree can also encourage them to enter your property.

  • No leaves/growth

You can usually identify a dead or dying tree by whether or not the tree is able to grow leaves and if the bark is brittle and flaking off. If a tree is no longer alive and does not have any aesthetic or water retention benefits, it is a good idea to hire a tree removal specialist Illawarra based.

  • Debris

If a tree drops a high quantity of debris, such as sap and branches, this may be cause for concern. Tree debris can damage solar panels, parked vehicles and water storage systems.

  • Growth

Sometimes, trees can grow much larger than anticipated, press against windows and harm the structure of a house. It is usually not enough to simply trim the tree, as the roots of the tree will continue to grow. In cases such as this, removing the stump and totally removing the tree may be the only option.

If you are unsure whether or not a tree on your property needs to be removed, get in touch with our team. An expert member of Robert Mank Tree Care Service will be able to examine your tree and recommend whether or not removal is necessary. We ensure to listen to the needs and wishes of our customers and ensure high-quality service is at the heart of all our operations.

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Asked Questions

How does Robert Mank Tree Care Services get rid of small trees?

At Robert Mank Tree Care Services, our method for removing small trees is marked by careful attention and professionalism. We start by carefully evaluating the tree and the area around it. If we determine that removal is needed, we use suitable tools like hand saws or chainsaws to cut the tree safely at its base. After the tree is removed, we conduct stump grinding to avoid any regrowth and to keep pests away. Our team is fully equipped with the right safety equipment and strictly follows safety protocols, guaranteeing a safe and efficient tree removal service.

Do I need permission to cut down a tree on my property in Wollongong?

In Wollongong, you may need permission to remove a tree from your property, as local council rules are in place to safeguard important trees. It’s recommended that you get in touch with our team at Robert Mank Tree Care Services before taking any action. We can guide you in figuring out if your tree needs a permit for removal, considering the local council regulations and the unique attributes of your tree.

How can I tell if a tree is protected?

To determine if a tree on your property is protected, you should consider several factors, such as the tree’s species, size and historical significance. Our team at Robert Mank Tree Care Services can assist you in understanding the local council’s tree preservation orders and environmental protection regulations. We can help identify whether your tree is protected and advise on the appropriate steps to take.

What trees can be cut down without permission in NSW?

The regulations for tree removal without permission vary across different councils in NSW. Generally, trees that are dead dying or pose an immediate safety risk may be exempt from requiring permission. However, it’s important to have proper documentation, like an arborist’s report, to support the removal. At Robert Mank Tree Care Services, we can provide expert advice and services to ensure that your tree removal complies with local regulations, helping you navigate the process with ease and confidence.