Nobody wants to remove a tree that is part of your garden or home, especially if it has been there a long time.

However, when it comes to the health and safety of you and your loved ones, sometimes removing a tree near your home is the best choice. Read on to find out when it is time to remove your tree. 

Signs Of Infection

The most common signs of infection in trees are cracked bark, leaves that are unusually coloured or shaped, and fungi beginning to grow.

The wood is likely to become soft or crumbly also. At this point, you need to get this tree removed. 


If you have noticed that your tree has begun to lean, even if it has happened over time, there is a good chance that it may fall soon.

If you have any concern at all that this might happen, it is definitely worth getting a professional to check for you to avoid any dangerous consequences of this tree falling. 

Dead Branches

If you start to notice a lot of dead branches, it could be time to lose the tree.

Any branches can be dangerous when the tree is in this state, it is time to call us, so we can check it out for you, and make a decision about its safety, of either keeping the tree or removing it.  We will talk you through what we have found. 

Power Lines

If your tree is under power lines or is growing towards them, you definitely need to have these removed at the very earliest possible time. 

It is your responsibility to ensure the trees on your property, are not close to or brushing a power line connected to your home. 

Get in touch with us straight away, and we can remove them. 

Proximity To Buildings

If your tree is near your home or another structure, any overhanging branches can become a hazard over time. 

Usually, a large tree should be at least 20 feet from any structures.

Even if it doesn’t look dangerous, trees have large and strong root systems which could reach a lot further than you can see and can cause havoc with the foundations of your home leading to costs, that you had not banked on. 

Storm Damage

A strong storm can cause a lot of damage to a tree. You can attempt to prune and recover it but if you still think the damage to the tree has left it too dangerous, it is worth calling an arborist to remove the tree for you to avoid any further repercussions. 

Who Can Help?

If you have noticed any of these signs and have decided to get your tree removed, make sure to get in touch with Robert Mank Tree Care.

For the quickest and safest tree removal, our expert workers are the best option.

With two decades of experience and knowledge, your tree removal specialist can ensure the job is done efficiently, working around your schedule.

We make sure to listen to the needs and wishes of our customers, with high-quality service at the heart of all our operations.