Trees add a bit of extra beauty to our gardens and streets, but what do we do when trees pose a hazard? At Robert Mank Tree Care Services, we pride ourselves on quality, professional and efficient tree care and removal. Our expert licensed and insured team understands the reasons why you would seek to have a tree removed and guarantee a safe and successful job.

Before any tree is removed from your property, you must clarify your local council’s regulations regarding removal. Sometimes you will need to seek approval before removing trees.

Tree Near Pole Lines Removed by an Expert Arborist

The tree is near powerlines

Overhanging trees pose significant dangers, especially if they impact powerlines. If a tree falls on a powerline, it can lead to loss of power and further damage, so it’s important to have overhanging trees assessed and dangerous limbs removed. To remove overhanging branches or trees, you will need council approval.

The tree is too close to structures

Are you noticing that a tree is suddenly too close for comfort? Trees grow rapidly, especially in Australian weather conditions, and can pose a structural risk if they’re too close to buildings. Removing these trees means you won’t need to constantly be maintaining them and prevents any possible root damage. If your tree is within three metres of a house or building, you may not need council approval to remove it.

The tree has large or dead branches

Large tree branches can cause worry and even lead to significant damage or injury if they happen to fall. Removal of large branches first requires council approval.

A tree may have dead branches if it is diseased. Often, diseased trees won’t look different to normal until it’s too late, so if you suspect your tree is diseased, it’s important to schedule an assessment. Removing a diseased tree decreases the risk of damage and of any disease spreading to other trees.

Tree Fall Down in the Road in Illawarra

The tree is dying

After a tree dies, it will slowly lose strength and be at significant risk of falling. This is especially dangerous during a storm. If you have a dead tree on your property, contact us today to arrange an immediate removal. Dead or dying trees may need council approval in order to be removed.

The tree is invasive

Did you know that some trees can act just like weeds? Invasive trees have a detrimental impact on surrounding plants, insects and wildlife as they can take over the area. If you have an invasive tree in your garden, we recommend seeking removal.

Choose Robert Mank Tree Services for quality tree care

At Robert Mank Tree Services, we’re passionate about trees. With over 20 years of experience in tree care and removal across the Illawarra region, we’re your go-to specialists if you need a tree removed in the event of an emergency or if you simply want advice on plant and garden care. Contact our friendly team today on 0408 783 050.